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Manx Cats



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For Sale - Spayed female


For Sale - Spayed female


For Sale - Spayed female

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Kitties and families

Here is a smattering of pictures of the kittens we have available to give you an idea of their looks. But please remember that choosing a kitten based solely on color or appearance is not the correct selections criteria and will not fly here. We want our kittens to have the best possible life and placing a rowdy kitten with someone who wants a lap cat because they like the color won't do the new owner or our kitten any good so we simply won't do it.

Gretel and Cinnabear kittens:

Oliver - male, orange and white, short-haired, stumpie - Oliver, although newly weaned from his momma, has already warmed to people. He loves to romp and play and doesn't mind an audience while he does. Oliver also likes his scratching and is well on his way to loving it. He rises up to meet scratchy fingers and purrs up a storm. His stump is about 2 inches and folds back on itself to form a full "u".

Charmin and Junior kitten

Goggles- spayed-female, dark tortoiseshell, short-hair, rumpie - Googles loves her attention and would give anything to be in a house where she could monopolize whatever lap presented itself. She would prefer a household with one timid and loving kitty or no kitties as she does not exert dominance and is thus easily intimidated. Goggles loves to play with other kitties if they are kind and would soon settle into domesticity given the right situation.

Carrot and Junior kitten

Cake -- spayed-female, calico, short-haired, long-tail -- Cake loves her attention but is wary of strangers. She does not hide but rather retreats to her perch to watch the proceedings and decide if the new folks are worthy of her attention. She raises up into scratches and has super soft fur. Get a toy and she is the first to charge to the attack. Cake adjusts well to new kitties and hopes someone will love her for herself so she gets a chance to blossom into the lover she wants to be.

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